Who are we?

Multi Spedytor strives to achieve more using less power and means. No matter the location and branch, our Clients can count on help of the international exporters who provide specialized solutions enabling optimization of company’s activity and increasing its efficiency.

We cooperate with Clients offering independent services which help them limit the risk, improve processes and act in a more balanced way. We want to stand out when it comes to quality. We always want to meet our Clients and the society’s expectations in order to offer services of the highest quality where they are needed. We help our Clients function in the reality dominated by regulations. Our independent services are an added value for them and they ensure a balanced development of their activity. We are to help our Clients achieve better results.

Our company provides not only services promoting a sustainable development, but it also feels responsible for a sustainable development in business. For us, the sustainable development means managing a profitable business activity in a long-term perspective, taking into consideration all the positive and negative impacts on environment, society and economy.

What do we do?

We specialize in road, domestic and international transport. Quality and safety are a base of all our activities.

The base of our activity are road full-truck transports. Taking into consideration the needs of our Clients, we realize added loads and small-scale shipments on the territory of the country and Europe.

We mastered realization of orders which need using pallets. In thisfield we have many years of experience supported by contentment and references of many satisfied Clients.
The safety of loads entrusted to us is our priority. That is why we possess one of the best insurance policies with appropriately high warranty sums. We act mostly based on long-term agreements with the shippers with established market positions, which additionally influences safety and punctuality of the delivery of entrusted goods.

We constantly enlarge and modernize our transportation facility. With engagement and openness to our Clients’ needs we plan and implement all undertakings connected to transport and logistics.

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